Every other day we come across the term, steroids. Mostly the term has been discussed in a negative way. A general concept regarding them is that they are taken by sportsmen to enhance their performance. Steroid use as an enhancement drug in sports is considered unethical and is illegal. Steroids are categorized into two main categories, which are anabolic and corticosteroids.

Are Steroids Useful?

Steroids are useful in various diseases, and they can be given to the patients of cancer, lupus, and asthma as injections, creams, or tablets. For asthma patients, corticosteroids have been extensively used as a remedial treatment. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of steroids make the substance a suitable chemical for the treatment of arthritis. Another essential role which these corticosteroids are playing is that as a treatment agent they help to serve as medications for the problems like inflammation and swelling. These steroids act rapidly in this scenario and bring relief to the patients.

However, treatment through steroids is only through prescription and monitored by medical practitioners. The side effects of steroids can be of various kinds such as retention of water, raised hunger or problems in having proper sleep. To overcome the probability of any unpleasant reaction or something serious, the doctors generally supervise any steroid medication used for a continuous period and administer and approve the heavy dosages.

The Anabolic Steroids

In contrast to the corticosteroids, the anabolic steroids are different and are mostly banned because of their illicit and unnecessary use by some boxers, bodybuilders, swimmers, athletes, weightlifters, and sportsmen.

Made artificially, the anabolic steroids have had a tendency to build and improve the muscles and their strength in a very short time. Moreover, they also minimize the chances of muscle breakdown. According to a recent study, the consistent use of these steroids results in the abnormal growth of testosterone and lead to severe health problems.

The media has hyped the use of steroids in recent times as they project heavily built sportsmen, actors, and successful people as a symbol of success. At a time where size is projected to be everything, youngsters are lured into steroids use and they end up in substance abuse. Prolong use of steroid has led to severe depression and sometimes steroid users committed suicides or hurt themselves physically.

In short, if the intake of steroids is necessary, then it is better to consult the medics and use the steroids with a valid prescription and regularly follow up with the doctors.