It is a known fact that some athletes make use of steroids in order to enhance the physical performance. Although these athletes come under much scrutiny and criticism, many athletes still continue to make use of steroids to boost their athletic performance. Many athletes admit that using steroids give them an edge over the competition. However, like everything else in life that gives you an added advantage, there are certain short-term as well as long-term risks associated with the continued use of steroids.

One of the main benefits of using steroids is increased muscle strength. For athletes, this means many things. First of all, it means that they can train for longer. Secondly, it means they can train harder and lastly, the quality of training is also increased and improved. So this is one benefits that perhaps can make a world of difference to athletes on steroids. According to research, testosterone, and other similar steroids also help to increase body size. Many studies have been performed and support this theory. Not only have studies found testosterone and other steroids to increase body weight and bicep size, but lots of users also reported an increase in abdomen tightness.

Steroids can also affect the healing rate of your body. It is no secret that athletes encounter lots of stress on the muscles and the entire body overall speaking. This means that they need to recover before hitting the tracks again. In most cases, athletes would love to recover super fast. It is said that steroids can accelerate the healing process and athletes. This means faster recovery which is ultimately a bonus for all athletes.

Although steroids have a wealth of benefits, it does also have plenty of side effects. The continuous use of steroids is said to cause a breakout of acne and also makes your hair fall out. Many uses also reported an unwanted increase in libido and feelings of aggression. It’s also been said that steroids can alter the function and structure of the heart. It does this by accelerating the resting blood pressure and decreasing good cholesterol in the body.

So prior to using steroids, ensure that you do your homework and find out everything that you possibly can about it. Although there are many benefits to using steroids that most athletes will testify to, they are also side effects to using this product. While not everyone may experience is negative side effects, don’t rule out the possibility that you could be one of those that do actually experience the side effects that accompany the use of steroids.