Benefits of Attending

Military and Government Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology

Where Do we Currently Stand?
What are the Opportunities for Industry?
What are the Emerging HIT Technologies Enabling the Way Ahead?

As part of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, the Federal Government has set goals for the DoD and the VA around the former’s Electronic Health Record selection process and its work with the latter to achieve interagency interoperability with the VistA EHR. This Unique Symposium will Provide Attendees Critical and Timely Information on the Latest Advancements in Government & Military EHR Interoperability, Analytics, Mobility & Patient Privacy Technologies that Every Healthcare Professional Must Know. Many Crucial issues still remain within the Military Healthcare IT Ecosystem Infrastructure which includes:

  • What is the future of AHLTA and VistA HIT Interoperability?
  • How will the introduction of Service-Oriented Open Architecture tools and technologies possibly ease interoperability among DoD and VA EHR systems?
  • Achieving Meaningful Use – Technologies and Analytics.
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of EHRS? How do you ensure security and privacy?
  • What new capabilities are being developed in EHRs, data mining and in mobile EHRs?

 These questions and much more will be addressed in detail during this interactive Symposium allowing Attendees Question & Answer Opportunities with Guest Speakers, Exhibitors, Networking Sessions and a Luncheon both days.